Roy Lichtenstein


I'm a senior at Herrin High School. I'm involved in many clubs and activities at our school. I've been a part of A.L.P.H.A., Lifesavers, Drafting Team, Bridge Team, Bowling, Student Government, Art Club, O.T.S.D., and plenty more. I'll be graduating in the spring and I plan on attending SIUC as an art major. I'm also working as an intern for the For Kids Sake organization ran out of the Longbranch in Carbondale, IL. I hope to teach at a university or college level in my future.


I'm a junior at Herrin High School. Ii'm currently involved in F.B.L.A., I'm an athletic person, i love baseball. My life currently revolves around xbox LIVE, school, friends, and computer programming. I'm going to graduate spring of 2012.. After high school, I'm going to take a year off before I start college. I'm not positive on what I'm going to major in, I'm leaning towards Computer Programming/Cyber Security at SIU. I'm going to minor in Car Audio/Video, along with Art. My Dream is to own Verizon Wireless. :)